It's all about the experience



Sometimes, we need a little hand-holding.  The HifiHandyman comes to you and listens to your needs.  I am a system curator.  Hifi is synergy.


Sony spectrum analyzer

After our appointment, all aspects of your project are carefully considered including budget, ease of use, and timing.  


Music studio recording and mixing console

I create a custom Audio Video or Solar system designed just for you.  I curate systems that work together to create magic.

Great Brands

Klipsch Cornerhorn speakers

HifiHandyman carries:  Audio Quest, Crestron, SVSound, Acurus, Kef, LG, Luxul, Marantz, StraightWire, nest, Panamax, Parasound, Polk, Samsung, Sonos, Sony, Sunfire, Triad, Ubiquiti and Yamaha just to name a few.


Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck

HifiHandyman has been a stereo junkie since 1985.  I have sold almost every brand of equipment made.  Remember Nakamichi?  It takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and heart to put together a great Hifi system.

What's New?


HifiHandyman is proud to be your new Acurus dealer!  If you are looking for an incredible surround processor-preamp that is made in the USA, look no further.  Acurus offers incredible, accurate sound quality that keeps up or surpasses the best brands on the market!

audio video


Home Theater

We Love Home Theater!  From the smallest system to the state of the art, HifiHandyman can help you design and install your home theater.  We work with the areas best licensed electricians and contractors to complete your job.


Good, Better, Best

I'm not some stereo snob!  I'm a down to Earth HifiHandyman who can help you pick out a system on ANY budget.  I will give you good honest advice and get you the best value for your hard-earned dollars.  Moving and need someone to help setup your existing equipment?  I can help!  On a tight budget?  I can help!  I speak the language of HiFi.


I have a little secret

So, I'm a little afraid to admit this, but I'm a complete NUT when it comes to watches.  I spend hours each day studying and analyzing all types and brands.  If you're into this technology from the distant past, I can help you find a unique and amazing timepiece on ANY budget.  I've owned everything from Rolex and Panerai to Casio and Seiko.  I'm a junkie, but let's keep it between us, ok?

Hifihandyman demo room


Appointment Only Demo Room in Anacortes, WA

We are proud to announce our new demo space for the KEF LS50 Wireless, R Series, and Q350 speakersright here in Anacortes, WA.  The finishing touches are being put on the space right now.  Contact us to come over and listen to some of the best imaging speakers on the market.

In-Home Demo


KEF Speakers

Q650c Center Channel Speaker

Q350 Bookshelf Speakers w/Stand

Q950 Floor Standing Speakers

R600c Center Channel Speaker

R700 Floorstanding Speakers

EGG Wireless Music System

LS50W Wireless Music System

Powered Subwoofers

Sunfire HRS-12B

Sunfire XTEQ12

Velodyne Impact 10

KEF Kube 8

KEF R400b

Surround Receivers / Separates

Acurus Act 4 Surround Processor

Yamaha RX-A1080 Surround Receiver 110 X 7

Yamaha RX-A3080 Surround Receiver 150 X 9

Marantz SR6012 Surround Receiver 110 X 9

Parasound P6 Stereo Preamp DAC

Parasound A31 3-Channel Amplifier 250 X 3

Parasound Zdac

Parasound XRM Phono Stage

Sony UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra Bluray Player

Marantz TT-15S1 Belt Drive Turntable

Bluesound Vault 2i

Magnepan 1.7i

Audio Quest

Niagra 1000 Power Conditioner with Thunder 1m Power Cord

Rocket 33 Speaker Cables

Beetle Optical-Bluetooth-USB DAC

Cinnamon and Coffee HDMI Cables

Water XLR or RCA

Nightowl Headphones

I can get almost any AQ cable for you to try out.

Just In!

Audio Quest William Tell Speaker Cables-Your jaw will drop.

HifiHandyman Demo

It's pretty simple.  HifiHandyman has a few select pieces that are listed above for demo purposes.  If you would like to try out one of the pieces listed above in your listening room, just let me know. Stop by our demo room in Anacortes, WA or we can do in home demo services the surrounding areas as well.

HifiHandyman A/V Brands



What can I help you with?

Better yet, set up an appointment in the comfort of your own home in Anacortes or surrounding area

I work from home to give you the best deal on equipment.  I don't charge a penny to come over and talk about Hifi, Solar Power Equipment, or Watches.  We will meet or beat any advertised price on like, new items from an authorized dealer.

**All major credit cards and PayPal accepted**


Sean Nauman-Owner / Anacortes, WA 98221

(360) 630-5242 or (503) 704-8246 Call/Text Licensed, Bonded, Insured WA Contractor #: HIFIH**825MJ

Solar Power in Anacortes, WA


Buy your solar system before the end of the year because tax incentives ARE RUNNING OUT!!!!!

 Over the past decade, the cost of solar energy has fallen dramatically.  As of 2017, PV installations cost just 39% of what they did back in  2010. 

 Solar technology is advancing rapidly, and prices keep bottoming out.

For  that reason, we speak to a lot of people who are interested in solar,  but are in no real rush to buy. If prices keep getting better, why not  hold out and save a bit more money, right?

Well, that trend is  coming to a halt this year. The government announced a series of tariffs  targeting solar imports, as well as a raw materials tariff on steel and  aluminum. As a result, 10 solar manufacturers have emailed us to  announce price increases from 5-22% on their product lines.

On  top of that, the federal tax credit for going solar is being phased out  by 2022. Right now, when you buy a system, 30% of the total cost can be  applied to a credit to offset taxes you owe that year. By 2022, that  credit will be gone, and you’ll be stuck paying that last 30% out of  pocket. 

Washington Solar Incentives go down June 30, 2019

HifiHandyman is proud to sell Itek Solar Panels made in Washington.  When you buy WA made panels, you are paid 18 cents per kWh for the power that your system produces!  Next year that will go down to 15 cents.  2020 goes down to 12 cents and then any system installed after 6/30/2021 will receive nothing.   

Energy-Smart Loans from PSCCU


 The time for solar is now and PSCCU is here to provide low-cost financing to homeowners throughout the state of Washington.  


With an Energy-Smart Loan you can reduce your carbon footprint and  reduce your utility bills year round. By participating in this program,  you can get help with your solar financing needs as well as any other  energy efficiency projects, with loans up to $50,000*.


PSCCU – is proud to be Washington’s Green Credit Union our solar program (to date) has helped over 3000 Washingtonians become solar citizens, created living wage jobs and these solar projects will generate 6000 Megawatts of electricity over their lifetime in addition to sequestering the same amount of carbon as 3900 acres of forest per year.

Call or Text NOW to Get a Free Quote on Solar in Anacortes, WA or the surrounding areas.

HifiHandyman offers grid-tie, off-grid, RV & Marine, and Backup power systems.

Hifihandyman solar brands